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Property Managers in Port Melbourne. Whether you're a first time landlord or not, Property Managers Melb can assist with the correct services.
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Property Managers: Port Melbourne

Renting a property in Port Melbourne can often be a demanding process that many of us undertake throughout our lifetime. A Property Manager can assist you in a number of ways including:


  • Regular property inspections
  • Tighter rent collections
  • Effective tenant retention


Many landlords often have questions such as: “what should I charge tenants?”, “how do I find reliable tenants?” or “what if they wreck my house?”, are all relevant questions that Property Managers Melb can assist you with.


Property Managers Melb can administer the entire process of serving the corrects services that is required for a landlord to be successful and satisfied.


Overall, we as Property Managers Melb want you to have a pleasant experience in renting your property in Port Melbourne, so that you are able to gain back your weekends to enjoy your own leisure activities, without the headaches of finding reliable tenants, and knowing you will have a constant rental income.


About Port Melbourne

Historically, Sandridge was the original name of Port Melbourne until it was changed in 1884.


Port Melbourne is an inner suburb of Melbourne, located just 5 km south west of the CBD. The local government area for the district is split between Port Phillip and Melbourne, meaning that the area to the south is classified as the City of Port Philip and the northern part of the West Gate Freeway is in the City of Melbourne.

2011 Census indicated that Port Melbourne had a population of 14,521.



Distance to Melbourne: 5km South West of Melbourne.

Public Transport: Trams & Buses.

Number Of Schools: 2

Access to Free Ways: West Gate Freeways

Homes: period homes – some Deco, some weatherboard, many renovated with heritage gardens, new low rise apartment blocks.

Surrounding suburbs: Docklands, Williamstown, Melbourne, Yarraville, Spotswood, St kilda West, Newport.