Boutique Property Managers Melbourne
Connect with Melbournes full service, boutique property managers, specialising in finding the best, long term tenants for your property.
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Boutique Property Managers Melbourne

Property Managers Melb leasing service is designed to provide landlords with a solution to the most difficult problem, finding a good tenant and keeping them. 

Tenant Screening

Tenant challenges helped us create a comprehensive tenant screening process that allows us to identify Melbourne’s best tenants. Our selection process identifies any potential red flags that could translate to trouble with tenants down the road.

Your property manager looks over all the information submitted by would-be renters and review and verify every detail, from:

  • Credit history.
  • Rental references.
  • Employment verification.
  • Banks statements & pay slips.
  • Social media profiling.

We make sure the tenants we bring to your property are going to be trustworthy individuals that pay on time and abide by your property rules

Industry Leading Condition Reports


Condition Reports

Condition Report must be completed whenever the tenant pays a Rental Bond. At Property Managers Melb, we prepare one of the most comprehensive condition reports available. We have prepared a sample report for your perusal:


   Click To Down Load Sample Condition Report – Property Managers Melbourne

Routine Property Inspections

Property Managers Melb team perform multiple inspections of the property over the course of a renter’s tenancy (start of lease 3 months, then every 6 months).

  • Landlords are invited to every inspection.
  • Tenants are given notice in writing of the inspection.
  • Landlords provided with the results of the inspection and digital photos.
  • Feed back platform for landlords to advise tenants of problems.

By performing multiple inspections, our team can identify the state of the home prior to occupancy. Property Managers Melb also conducts pre & post vacate inspections to determine if a tenant is eligible for a bond refund.


Property Managers Melb uses qualified / registered tradesmen to help with various home maintenance needs. Your dedicated property manager will handle all of the problems that arise and make sure your tenants and property are taken care of.

24/7 Portal

Our digital account portal makes it easy to view your latest statements and account notes. You can even get in touch with us in just a few clicks.

Managing Difficult Tenants Out Of Your Property

Our goal is to work on resolving the disagreement to ensure you are still able to keep renters in your property. If we are unable to work with the renters, we will then move onto the legal process of evicting the tenants from your property.

Property Managers Melb handles the eviction process legally by filing the appropriate paperwork, representing your interests in VCAT, and ensuring your property and rights are protected.

There are a number of laws governing tenant rights and relationships with tenants and landlords, which are out lined by consumer affairs at which our property managers abide by.


Problem Resolution

Inspections give the your property manager the opportunity to identify whether a tenant is in breach of there lease agreement and what must be done to resolve any issues.

One of our key objectives is to focus on resolving problems quickly. If a member of our team identifies a problem with the property during inspection, we will quickly schedule a visit from qualified technicians and organise repair.

Property Management Services Melbourne

Our point of difference: Landlords have one point of contact for leasing, property management, maintenance & inspections. 

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