Guide For Tenants
Here's our 101 guide to tenants, from paying rent to maintenance and repairs, Melbourne's leading property managers.
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Guide For Tenants

Guide for tenants


At Property Managers Melb, believe your tenancy agreement should be simple and straightforward. So we have developed a guide which we know will help you to get comfortable in your new surroundings and ensure an easy tenancy.



Office hours

We are open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm. Your personal property manager is available during these times and is contactable by phone or email.

Should you require any assistance outside of business hours, you will be provided with an emergency phone number in your tenants’ pack, which will put you in contact with our maintenance contractors in the case of an emergency.




Your rental bond is to be paid prior to your tenancy and is held with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority. It is held as a security for any unjustifiable wear and tear, or damage the property may receive.

You will be provided with a condition inspection report prior to the beginning of your tenancy. You are encouraged to assess the property and add things onto the report prior to moving in, safeguard yourself against any false damage claims by the landlord at the end of the tenancy.

At the end of your tenancy, an exit inspection will be held to assess the property and its condition to ensure your bond can be refunded to you. The rental bond will be returned to you in its entirety providing the property is in the same condition (allowing for fair wear and tear) as when your tenancy begun, and there are no outstanding payments due.



Rent payment

We can arrange for rent to be automatically deducted from your nominated bank account to make things easier for you. Alternative methods of payment are B-Pay and direct bank transfer.

Rent is due each calendar month, one month in advance. If ever you are unable to pay your rent on or before the due date, contact your Property Manager immediately.




At the beginning of your tenancy, you will be provided with one key. Property Managers Melb will hold a duplicate key for access to the property in the case of an emergency. If you need to borrow this second key, it will only be available during business hours. Therefore, we advise that you organize a safe location to keep a spare key incase you are accidentally locked out.

The locks can only be changed once permission has been obtained from the landlord, or Property Managers Melb. This is with the agreement that you supply us with the second key within 24 hours.




Property Managers Melb will periodically inspect the property throughout your tenancy. You will be provided with ample notice of these inspections. They are conducted to review how the property is being maintained, as well as what maintenance may be required.




It is the tenants’ responsibility to contact the appropriate utilities company, whether it be electricity, gas, water or telephone, and have the account placed in their name.

It is also the tenants’ responsibility to organize a meter reading prior to moving in, and vacating the property. Your property manager can assist you with some information on who to contact to arrange this for you.




The landlords insurance does not cover your personal possessions. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to insure your items against any loss, theft or damage. The landlord cannot be held personally responsibility to any damage that might occur to your personal possessions whilst you live in the property.



Maintenance and repairs

Requests for maintenance and repairs are to be communicated to your property manager by completing the relevant form available through the Online Manager Service tool. Please be aware that repairs often need to be approved by the landlord, and quotes need to be obtained prior to the commencement of maintenance and repairs. So, it is important the forms be completed as soon as possible to get the ball rolling.

We endeavor to work with you to find a time where tradespeople can come at a mutually agreed time. If, however, you are not home on the previously agreed time, the call out fees for the tradespeople’s wasted time will be passed on to you.

Your tenancy pack will explain in further detail how to handle emergency repairs.



Online Agent

Online Manager is a secure and comprehensive service tool, which enables you to access information pertaining to your tenancy. It is updated regularly and you can use it to access details of any upcoming inspections, statements, and maintenance works – including access to forms for lodging a maintenance or repairs job, and the progress of each job.

It is accessible with your personal verification code. To obtain your personal verification code, please contact the Property Managers Melb. Team, and we can assist you.



Your responsibilities for maintenance

The upkeep of the gardens and surrounds of the property you are leasing, is your responsibility. This means ensuring there is no unnecessary paper, bottles, rubbish, cans etc. accumulating around the premises. It also means that lawns are to be kept neat and cut appropriately in a timely manner.



Terminating the tenancy agreement

The Residential Tenancy Agreement, which you sign at the beginning of your tenancy, is a legally binding contract. It is there to protect both you and the landlord. You can only terminate your tenancy through the following ways:

  • If you wish to leave on the day your fixed term lease ends, you are required to provide twenty eight (28) days written notice to your landlord.
  • If you have arranged to continue to live in the property at the end of your lease, you are required to provide 28 days notice to your property manager prior to vacating.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you need to vacate before the end of the agreed lease term, contact your property manager immediately. We will try to find another tenant to serve out the lease in your place. In this exception case, until another tenant is found, you are still responsible for all rental payments, as well as a letting fee, all advertising costs, an agreement preparation fee and any other costs that come with breaking the lease.


Getting the bond back

In order to get your bond returned, you will need to ensure the property is clean and all other requirements of your tenancy agreement are adhered to.


  • Cleaning: Externally, this means the gardens are neat, and there is no rubbish lying around. Internally, the carpets need to be commercially cleaned, and the windows and ledges, kitchen, bathrooms, walls and doors need to clean.
  • Arrears: There should be no outstanding payments owing.
  • Damages: If you have causing any damage to the property, you will need to have it repaired to good standards at your own cost. Your property manager can put you in contact with reliable tradesmen. Any damage that has not been repaired by you, maybe result in an application being made to the Tenancy Tribunal to use the funds from the bond to repair the damage. Please note that it is not uncommon for the tenancy tribunal to rule that excess funds on top of the bond are to be paid by the tenant to the landlord for excessive damage.
  • Inspection: your property manager will conduct an exit inspection soon after you vacate the property and the keys have been returned. If the result of the inspection is satisfactory, the property manager will apply for the bond refund on your behalf.



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