Property Management Service Melbourne
What do Property Managers Melb does for your investment? We discuss details service provided from marketing to managing arrears. A landlord's guide to Coronavirus tenancy problems.
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Property Management Service Melbourne

Experts In Property Management

With our expertise lying in the rental market exclusively, it enables us to provide you with sound advice to maximize returns, minimize vacancies and make the investment more profitable in the long term. This, in turn, gives you a competitive edge, in an aggressive climate.


The below tabs will help outline different aspect of our service and what sets us apart from other property managers.


Questions? Feel free to leave your details in the below contact form or text us direct from the app on this screen. As you can tell, we’re serious about communicating with our clients. So serious in fact, that we guarantee that we will get back to you within the hour.

Leasing Your Property 


In order to expose your property to the masses of potential tenants, we advertise through a variety of mediums.

The most crowd-drawing medium for advertising currently, is through the Internet. Privately, landlords are unable to advertise their property on major real estate websites. Property Managers Melb is able to advertise on these lucrative sites to reach more people.

We also use property signage, open for inspections, statewide Saturday newspapers, local newspapers where suitable, re-location companies for executives, as well as our database of corporate clients, and prospective tenants. 


Finding a good tenant can be difficult. We ease your mind by filtering through the applicants with our extensive screening process before we recommend them to you.

We speak with the applicants’ recent landlord, or property manager, to discuss how they are maintaining their current property and if their rent is paid punctually. We also thoroughly check their employment history and speak with their references, and employer.


We want to prepare lease agreements, which protect both you, and the tenants. Most agents will use a standard tenancy agreement, but we will work with you to add in any additional clauses to further protect you and the best interests of your asset. We thoroughly inspect all documentation to ensure your legal rights are safeguarded.


Condition Report must be completed whenever the tenant pays a Rental Bond. At Property Managers Melb, we prepare one of the most comprehensive condition reports available. We have prepared a sample report for your perusal:


 Download Sample Condition Report


All tenants are required to pay bond. This bond is held with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority.

At the end of tenancy, an exit inspection will be held. If property is deemed to be in a fair condition, the bond will be returned to the tenant in full. There can be differing opinions on what is ‘fair condition’ and a ‘fair amount of wear and tear’. We will provide a well-documented condition report, along with detailed photographs at the beginning and end of each tenancy.

We provide tenants with clear documentation at the beginning of tenancy outlining their responsibilities for maintenance of the property during tenancy, as well as upon vacating.

We will handle all aspects of the bond including documentation, as well as dispute resolution regarding the return of the bond at the end of tenancy.

Property Management 


On the expiration of the lease, or every 12 months, we sit down with you to discuss whether the current rental price is still appropriate given the present market. We are able to discuss with you whether rent is due to be increased, and other ways that you might gain a competitive edge over the competition. 


You will be informed of any maintenance issues on your property. In the case of non-urgent maintenance issues, we don’t approve anything without your explicit approval.

In the case of urgent maintenance, we will act on your written instructions, and relevant legislative codes if you are unable to be contacted. Our bank of highly skilled tradesmen are insured, licensed and competitively priced to ensure you aren’t paying more than you need to for quality workmanship.

We have a skilled bank of tradesmen on hand, who are licensed and insured. These tradesmen have been selected based on quality workmanship, and are competitively priced.


We understand that a vital aspect of property investment for both landlords and tenants is regular inspections. This is done to assess the way the property is being looked after, as well as picking up any maintenance issues before they become major repairs.


We inspect all properties twice a year, and provide you with a comprehensive report and detailed images of the condition of your property following each inspection.


Unlike many other property management companies, we do not outsource this key part of service. You are welcome to accompany your property manager to all inspections, at a time, which suits you.


We have a strict policy on rental arrears, and when the situation arises, it is met with swift and appropriate action. You are kept up to date with all steps during this process.


We handle all tenancy disputes diplomatically and with strict professionalism. We will give you advice at all stages of dispute resolution, and if necessary, represent you at any Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) hearings.



Your agent can take the hassle out of rental expenses by organising payments on your behalf. These expenses include, but are not limited to, general maintenance, pool maintenance, council/water rates, body corporate/owners’ corporation fees, insurance premiums and gardening expenses. With your approval, we can deduct these expenses from your rental return so it is a seamless process. A statement will be uploaded to the Online Agent portal for any payments made on your behalf.


We deposit the rent into your nominated bank account promptly after receiving it 5 days per week. You will receive a statement via email, as well as an update through our Online Manager tool.


You will receive all rental income statements monthly via email, as well as through our Online Manager tool. You can access comprehensive and fully itemised statements, as well as a complete statement at the end of the financial year to help ease the load at tax time.

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