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Break up is hard but here are the signs you need a new property manager. Landlords, a poor property management experience is something should not put up with!
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Changing Your Property Manager

A large part of maximising a sale price when selling your investment property is carefully looking after it though it’s life. Bad tenants can prematurely wear and tear your property, reducing its value by tens of thousands of dollars.

Hence it’s critical to have property management that have their ‘finger on the pulse,’ when it comes to tenant selection and long term property maintenance.


How do you know if you property manger is doing a good job?


A great sign of a good property manager is regular communication, at least every three months. If your property manager is making an effort to report issues, manage repairs or insurance claims, organize routine inspections and giving you feed back on it all, they’re on the right track.
Remember, no news isn’t always good news.

The Surprise Repair Bill.
Another sign of a poor property manager are surprise repair bills that seem higher than normal.

A good property manager should provide feedback of an issue before organizing a repair ie. photos and a detailed description. Then give the landlord an opportunity to take on the repair works or let the property manager organize it all.

Tradesmen are very sharp when quoting work and can spot an opportunity to over quote a job when dealing with a decision maker that doesn’t have an interest in a low price.

If you find yourself in a scenario where you’re looking at a big repair bill. Pick up the phone and ask a few trades people what they would charge for the job.


According to Consumer Affairs Victoria, an urgent repair like a hot water unit not working properly, needs to be fixed within 48 hrs. Non-urgent repairs, like a broken window covering, can take up to two weeks.

Late rent?

This does happen from time to time, hence it wise for a landlord to have some leniency on the odd occasion. Late rent on a regular basis can be a bad sign on many levels and a sign it’s time to change your property manger. What to look out for:


  • Ask your property manger how they manager rental arrears?
  • Tenants not having a good relationship with their property manager, which can lead to a number of issues.
  • Property manger is not giving feedback as to why rent is late.


Rental Increase For No Reason

Putting up rent for no reason could be a quick way to lose a good tenant. This is common with large real estate agencies that are too automated by reminder software.


A wise property manager will conduct a rental appraisal based on comparable properties, then giving their professional opinion if a rental increase is wise.


Bad Tenants

Good tenant selection can cover over the sins of an under preforming property manger. If the right due diligence is not done, a bad tenant can give a landlord grief on many levels.If this is happening too often, it’s best to change your agent and ask your new PM to manage the tenants out of the property.


Can you change your property manager Mid Lease?

The short answer is YES!
Changing your property manager mid lease usually doesn’t incur any charges. It’s as simple as signing a new lease agreement with your new agency, at this point, your new property manger will do the rest.


Check out your original lease agreement to see if there are any charges associated with breaking the contract.


To make sure you don’t get stung with fees, ask your new property manager to read over your old lease.



7 Signs You Need A New Property Manager

7 Signs You Need To Break Up With Your Property Manager

  1. Over priced and slow repairs to your property.
  2. Poor or slow communication, you have to follow up with your property manger.
  3. Landlord has no knowledge of issues.
  4. Irregular payment of rent.
  5. Being charged fees you don’t know about.
  6. Your property is not being inspected periodically.
  7. Your property manager doesn’t know you by name.


Questions To Ask Your New Property Manger.

  1. What is your rental arrears process (late rent)?
  2. How many properties do you manage?
  3. Is the leasing manger a different person to the property manger?
  4. What checks do you do when selecting tenants?
  5. How do you report routine inspections?
  6. Do you attend VCAT hearings?
  7. How do you mange repairs?

If you’re interested in finding out more about how a boutique property manger can help, Property Managers Melb offer a complementary first consultation. In the meeting your consultant will give you a rental appraisal, assess your current scenario and provide a complementary action plan.

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