Pre-Settlement Final Inspection
Cannot attend a pre-settlement inspection? Property Managers Melb can inspect the property on your half. We can make sure the property you purchased is in the same condition as when you bought it or check for defects on new properties.
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Pre-Settlement Final Inspection

PRE-SETTLEMENT FINAL INSPECTIONPurchasing a home is a monumental chapter in most people’s lives, especially in the Melbourne market. It’s easy to get caught up in the post-auction excitement and lose track of some important steps pre-settlement, namely, the pre-settlement final inspection. 


A pre-settlement inspection can give you the final look before the keys are handed over to you. The property should remain in the same state as it was agreed upon purchasing. This protects you as the buyer from undesirable situations such as damage inflicted onto the home during the pre-settlement period. You, as the buyer, have the right to inspect the property to ensure all contractual obligations have been met before settling into your home. 


The inspection should be done thoroughly, with any questions or concerns about the property to be mentioned at this stage. It can be an exciting process to conduct a pre-settlement inspection, but it is important not to get swept away with the thrill of seeing your new home and planning your future in it. 


Sometimes, it can be easy to overlook faults and problems within the home when emotions run high. Some of the many things people overlook in their pre-settlement process are whether the appliances work or not, checking the hot and cold tap functions, making sure the doors open and close with functioning locks and inspecting the smoke alarms among many things. 


The real estate agent generally arranges the pre-settlement inspection; however, their loyalties lie with the vendor to ensure you continue through with your purchase. In this case, having an agent that supports you and uses their trained eye to execute a thorough inspection is an excellent advantage, and that’s exactly what a buyer’s agent can do for you. 


At Property Managers Melb, our  property managers are highly skilled in real estate and understand the ins and outs of the purchasing process, including the pre-settlement inspection. When using our services, you can rest assured that the inspection is carried out with expertise and professionalism.


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What if repairs are required?


If, during the inspection, you or the property manager notice something that needs repairing, it is important to understand your rights as a buyer in the process of mending any damages. A qualified buyer’s agent on your side can talk you through and conduct the process of discussing with the conveyancer any unmet obligations. You, as a buyer, can request the damages to be repaired before the settlement process or you may even negotiate a lower offer to make up for the damages inflicted. This is important to talk about with your conveyancer, and a buyer’s agent is able to make this process smooth and stress-free for you.


Why us?


At Property Managers Melb, our property managers are not new to the pre-settlement process. We understand how important it is to you as a buyer that the vendor is meeting all contractual obligations in regard to the property. Our skilled eyes assist us in thoroughly inspecting the property, making sure that all fixtures and features are in working order so that the settlement process is smooth and easy for you. 


We understand the current environment with regards to COVID-19. We continue to provide our pre-settlement inspection services in the case that a physical inspection cannot be made by the buyer. Our buyer’s agents are able to inspect the property on your behalf and provide you with a thorough understanding of the condition of the home. We conduct a detailed video showing all aspects of the home and provide you with photos all around the property. We are also able to provide a video chat service in the case that you are unable to attend.




Our pre-settlement inspection service is priced at a low fixed fee of $600 plus GST. We use a flat fixed rate instead of a commission-based rate to ensure that our only incentive to providing you our high-quality service is your customer satisfaction. This is a complimentary service for Property Managers Melb clients. 

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