Renters: How To Secure That Perfect Property
Attention renters, Property Managers Melb looks At 7 successful steps at Securing that perfect property.
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Renters: How To Secure That Perfect Property

Renters: How to secure that perfect property


Finding the perfect rental property can be hard. Securing it as your own can be even harder. There is nothing more anxiety inducing for a potential tenant than the wait that comes before finding out if you’ve been accepted for that perfect property. But, with a touch of research and some careful planning, you’ll be throwing a housewarming in no time. We have a look at the ways in which you can give yourself the upper hand in a competitive rental market.

Be ready to submit the application

Imagine that you’ve found the perfect property. You’re mentally unpacking your boxes in that bathroom. You can picture exactly where all your furniture will go. Meanwhile, someone else has completed and submitted their online application through, and you miss out. To avoid this scenario becoming a reality, be ready to submit your application. This includes:

  • Making sure your references have been told they will be contacted
  • You have copies of documentation like photo ID, bank statements, employment confirmation letter, two recent pay slips, proof of ownership of current residence (if applicable)

Having a well-produced application form completed with all relevant supporting documentation can expedite your application and make approval quicker.


Research properly

Don’t waste your time, and others by going to an inspection for a one-bedroom apartment if you have a family of five. Do your research, and find a property, which is appropriate for your needs. Read the property descriptions properly, and look at the photos and videos. Ascertain if this property is what you need. Does it have a car spot? When is it available from? A good tip is to book as many inspections as you can, and keep your Saturdays free.


Be polite

The agent is essentially the gatekeeper to the property. If you are being rude or difficult, they will probably forewarn the owners about you and decrease the likelihood of you getting the property. Try to arrive early to the inspection. If you are running late, give the agent a call and let them know. If you decide to apply, let the agent know you are planning to apply. Help them put a face to the name on the application.


Dress the part

Rightfully or wrongfully, the way you dress speaks volumes, and impacts how other people perceive you. Joe Blogs who has shown up in crisp chinos and a polo is more likely to get the property over you, who came to the inspection with trackpants and crocs.


Things to consider

Remember that just because you were the only person who came to the inspection, doesn’t mean that you are the only one who has applied. Many other people may also be in the running for the property but proposing a longer lease agreement, or offering more money for rent may give you a competitive advantage.


Keep your options open

You may have a certain property in mind. But you should keep your options open. Continue to inspect and apply for other properties. You might get approval for another property while you are waiting to hear about the one you really want. This doesn’t mean you are compelled to lease it.


You should hear back from the agent as to which properties you have been approved for. If you miss out, don’t be disheartened. Be prepare to do your research, have your application ready to go, be polite, dress the part, and keep your options open. Finally, get that housewarming invitation ready to go – you’ll be sending it out soon!



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